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Why Choose Woven Patches Rather Embroidered Patches Sometimes

May 14, 2018

If detail is a priority for your patch, than the better choice may be woven patches. These are thinner than the embroidered patches and the fine, graphic detail will show up better. Sometimes if the detail is very precise, the embroidery thread cannot create the desired look. Size also may be a consideration when thinking about your patches. With a woven patch you can make smaller patches, because the material and creation process, a patch can be made in much smaller size without losing integrity. The thinner thread enables a tighter weave so there can be more detail in the artwork. It provides cleaner lines and a flatter appearance, closer to a printed look. The thickness of the patch is also more streamlined and thin.
Embroidered patches are stitched more densely than custom woven patches and a thick embroidery thread is used. With these pieces, the threads are thicker which imparts a certain lift and three dimensional look to the patch. Embroidered patches also use a backing, like a twill canvas, which the threads are embroidered onto. Many people like this traditional look and the high quality of custom embroidery; however woven patches uses thinner threads that are woven together to create a thin flat look similar to what you see for your clothing tags inside of shirts.

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